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Belie wasn’t exactly scared, but she was completely bewildered and confused about what to do, and turned her gaze to her mother, saw her laughing softly, then relaxed, one of her knees pressed to the ground, with his right hand resting on his chest, as the demons received orders from the maya, Belie seriously said. Yes, there is me, Demon Lord. Bring your left hand up here. Belie unhesitatingly raised her left hand, her head followed that direction toward her big hand with his black nails, the moment red as his eyes had shone in the bottom of her eyes, and then , a ruby ​​red ruby ​​ring slipped into Belie’s middle finger. At that moment Belie could only be dumbfounded, because this jewel she knew, it was the jewel encrusted on his Hades sword, it symbolized the power of the head of the underworld, of the evil night, symbolizing the the intelligence and pride of a devil. Michigan Wolverines Go Blue NCAA Yeezy Sneaker. If it was given to her then it meant that in the case of enough magic power she could summon the sword Hades that could kill even souls, and above all, she was also considered a demon king. Come to think of it, Belie stood up in panic, trying to take off the ring and saw that the pearl’s red gradually turned to a clear bronze color, like the eyes of a mother and her mother, and strangestly, the ring was tightened. Her hand, there is no way to remove it. Of course, Belie was not the type to jerk up when something went wrong, she laughed softly, her eyes staring straight into her father’s eyes, as if wanting him to understand her thoughts. I know I am 18, but I don’t think I can become a demon lord, my dear three.

Michigan Wolverines Go Blue NCAA Yeezy Sneaker
Michigan Wolverines Go Blue NCAA Yeezy Sneaker

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