Golf to my dad love your son poster


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Your Brother is a brave young man . Respect to him . He doesn’t need to have any regrets , he shouldn’t have been put in that position .. Just watching the programme this evening and huge respect for Anton speaking up and sharing what he went through. Having been failed by the courts and FA, to have the bravery to continue to fight and have his voice heard to help stamp out racism and di… See More. Great documentary and well done to Anton and the Ferdinand family for having the courage to support each other and publicly speak out.. Looking forward to watching this programme. Very brave of Anton to relive such a painful time to help others. Much respect . well done Anton for coming out and speaking about your experience. just shows you how our legal system works. any seed of dought and the courts go on the side of not guilty. Rio hope your brother reads all these posts of support and realises he is doin… See More Golf to my dad love your son poster

Golf to my dad love your son poster

Golf to my dad love your son poster A1

Derek DevaneyPuff Daddy may be a billionaire but there is only one boss in that photo 3 . John DunneA diddy in ireland is a slang / affectionate term for breasts . Can never get past that.1 . Armchair CriticThe day I saw Rio in a long coat walking into the dug house whilst you were serving a ban was the day I thought there was some RAP in you. . Kenneth Chima AguguoFerdinand drug test positive we united fans high blood pressure of playing without our defender . Paull Gerotinho TgDid the boss not telling Uncle Pat off for dressing up like a rapper on a team event?  . Dave PurslowRio. Sir Alex and Dwight Yorke reunited !!1 . Wesley KerrIn an interview afterward fergie said Stevie wonder was looking good for his age  . Warwick PurcellYes with his hip all he could manage would be a hop? . Ramos Patrick KimeraRio am an Arsenal Fan i used to hate you so much because of the quality you put at the pitch,you were a leader and tough at work but i loved you much after your retirement,then i can realise that we are just same people,when u wear a different jersey i… See More5  Golf to my dad love your son poster

Golf to my dad love your son poster

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