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Say what? I need to look into this…my kiddo is not doing well at all online. She is not like kids these days glued to electronics. She is suffering bad….Thank you for posting this so I can go and look…Thank you again President Trump for another … See More. Whenever a republican talks about ‘choice’, it always means a way for them to funnel taxpayer money into conservative leaning private industries. He is seriously trying to get back at the people he feels betrayed him.. While they try to steal his Presidency from him, he continues to do good for us, the American people…another reason to say Donald Trump is the best President in my life time. Another toothless piece of paper with a sharpie signature.. Another example of how our president keeps doing wonderful things for US Citizens in spite of being attacked on every side by irrational hate mongers. Ballet god says you are poster

Ballet god says you are poster

Ballet god says you are poster A1

Just get one done so help us all that will work! We do t want a vaccine that will give us side effects or long term problems either. By the way, find one for the common cold. People are afraid of all these vaccines because you did it so quick when there’s no cure for the cold or flu. Help us out!. Well he was with hydroxychloroquine and other practical clinical trials and they almost eat his head off, for believing in the most successful natural remedies! So now let them have it – vaccines Ballet god says you are poster , vaccines vaccines . America at its best! Stepping up and finding the cure! Thanks to all of those who helped in these efforts!. Too bad we don’t have a investigator like columbo, if we did he will solved this fraudulent activity in a two hours show and then give the case to judge Judy and come to a conclusion in half hour ,may be the supreme court should see the show and so … See More

Ballet god says you are poster

Ballet god says you are poster A2

What’s with the now four different vaccines? Is it necessary? Either way, I’m not getting either one. Another vaccine company how can you trust any of them .. Which one has the magic formula.. Answer .. NONE. Anyone besides me realize we are being turned into lab rats?? Basically testing unproven vaccines on humans. Don’t release it until all the phases are complete and adverse events are listed.. Vaccine Programming.. why are people being vaccinated with no long term side effects known ?. I remember that making vaccines would take years and then more years to trial them on mice. Now, we have COVID-19 vaccine in months . Oh another vaccine that will mutate genetically wow . Great, another vaccine that will cause adverse reactions.. All the drug vaccine producers going to make bank. I thought that you thought the Virus was a hoax!! Now you want to acclaim a vaccine?

Ballet god says you are poster A3

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