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I was at the USAF Academy graduation in 2019 when you spoke and shook every cadets hand! I was so proud to be an American that day! You were awesome! You made that day very special for those graduates and their families!
  • My son was in the airforce and was in a fatal car crash while serving in Panama in 1997. The AirForce treated him with such dignity and respect….They were right there for his wife and daughter, serving them in every way. As a mother I couldn’t have asked for better treatment of my beloved son. God Bless the United States Air Force.
  • Happy Birthday to our Air Force , husband, served 20 years, from 1955 to 1975, we traveled all, over , 1 year in Vietnam , in our 80’s now And still love our Air Force . Thanks to our United States. They took the blue from the skies and a pretty girl’s eyes and a touch of ole glory too and gave it to the men who proudly wear the U. S. Air Force blue !!!… My two brothers and two nephews and my beautiful niece served in the U.S.A.F
  • My brother was a career Air Force serving many years and am proud to say thank you in being part of our great America in keeping it safe. So proud of my Granddaughter and Husband who proudly served in the Air Force. A really great bunch of true Americans serving their country.
Vets love you. Go to military bases and speak to them directly. The generals might not like it but they will. They need to see and hear their commander and chief. There’s a bad moon on the rise. In appreciation and celebration Thank you to our Air Force members for your service and Happy Birthday to the United States Air Force
Served 9 years in S.a.c.in Kc135 Boom operates during the Cold war.Greatly appreciated what the Air Force let me enjoy going from a nobody from Alabama to one of the best jobs in the Air Force My brother also served in the Army Air Corps .Happy Birthday to the U.S. Ait Force
Happy Birthday US Air Force! My brother-in-law & his wife retired out of the Air Force & spent his last 4 years in the Pentagons. God bless the military & Trump for the eccelent job they have done for our country! . I have several family members including husband that celebrate this day. My father was ARMY but being a Military Brat I love and Honor all Military. Happy Birthday to all of you.

Worn By Force NOT by Fear Face Mask

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