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yes i know, and in other country their garlic rice is plain rice with garlic toppings, in our country we fry the garlic and rice and thats called fried rice, you don’t get me, im saying that its not egg fried rice, egg PIE rice as per uncle roger
  • Now THAT is delicious egg fried rice aka nasi goreng. I am Indonesian, I really know how the combo of rendang and sambal will be on egg fried rice. Gordon and uncle Rogers nailed it, As an Indonesian i give Gordon Ramsay my greatest respect for putting Sambal and Rendang into Nasi Goreng. God knows you are making a very delicious Nasi Goreng.
  • We didn’t use any rendang for the ingredients its only garlic shallot and bit sambas also sweet soya bean sous and he did totally wrong also we didn’t use galanggal for fried rice or nasi goreng, I am Indonesian..this fried rice looks like great taste but missing many topping like slice fish meatball and shrimp.traditional nasi goreng so much better than restaurant one.
  • When I see fools eat fried rice with chopsticks off a plate it’s puts me in a happy place. The joy it gives me how idiotic to see 3 grains of rice on a pair of chopsticks as you try not to lose it on your way to their mouths hahahaha.
Ramsay is very methodical and precise in his cooking. He even traveled the world and learned of culture dishes and how there made in their hometowns to make sure he stays true to the original dish. People should be searching for “Who is Uncle Roger” cause everyone knows Gordon Ramsay and the astronomical amount of resto’s he has with Michelin stars. He holds 7 now but used to have 16.
Gordon Ramsay is still Respected Chef, Roger is just a hater and complains on a video behind a Chefs back🔪. You want the spotlight, “Challenge Ramsay” I love how Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay had an actual feud time ago and Uncle Roger is team Ramsay, I wonder if rice ever came into their argument haha
Freaking love Gordon Ramsay he’s a bad ass and wish I could actually try some of his food!! He actually travels around the world to learn things I think that’s what makes him a good chef. That great and all. However the food to me felted rushed in a area where it could have slowed down you could also feel relaxed in and slowed down to cooked the meal.

Skuncle Definition Like a regular uncle but more chill weed shirt, tank top, v-neck

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