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My mom, also a quilter, also had COVID-19, she was in the hospital for 11 days. I think from our experience with her you will have to be patient with yourself. She was weak and just did not have the energy to do anything for quite a while. But slowly it did come back and she is back sewing again. Prayers and hugs for you Margaret.

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This will end up being a case of what I ordered for vs. what I got…. Pls sewmates it’s not everyone that walk into your workshop that is a potential customer abegi.. Allow her to pay 2000k but tell her to buy the materials for the sewing, the lining, pad, net and all she should provide for it

You’ll buy tulle net, plain fabric, lining, zip, thread, interfacing for breast padding or bra cup, beads, gum to fix the beads to the chest, you’ll weave the seam edges after sewing, it’s a double step peplum that will both be lined probably even have some interfacing, six piece skirt that will also have lining either full or half, you’ll cut and sew the dress and all this for #3, 500.

Never underestimate an old woman with cats and sewing skills poster

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