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What heart you have for helping these beautiful souls. Maybe walking them with a dog harness so you could hold them up could help and strengthen the muscles in their legs… not an expert, just a thought. Maybe fainting goats. I can see they have nerve problem. Poor little things. I had mini goats for years . They are really smart. Good job
  • I had babies born like this. I was told it was called “Floppy Kid Syndrome”. I was friends with an elderly lady that raised goats her whole life she said to feed them baking soda as much as they wanted to eat. I gave it a try and it worked. Slowly they got better and grew out of it before they were a year old old. My vet was shocked they got better they had said to euthanize them it was the kindest thing to do when they were first born.
  • As a Hospital Corpsman if any one runs into this I suggest modifying a baby jump swing so their stomach is supported. This will help them strengthen their legs and with the running in the yard will do an universe of good
  • They were falling over at first because they were under nourished, as they started getting the nourishment they needed, they start to get better. I grew up on a farm and we raised goats. There was no mention of what what their issue was. If you watch any vet shows you would have seen something similar. I’m not trying to argue with anyone here.
 Both were born with neurological and vision issues which is why they fell. They were fighting to overcome this as it affected their balance and mobility. Myotonic goats are known as “fainting goats” because when something surprises or frightens them, their muscles go stiff for a short time, and they fall over!
The reaction doesn’t hurt, and it’s not really fainting. Usually the animal stays awake and just bounces back up once the stiffness goes away. The locking up is caused by a rare genetic disorder called myotonia congenita.
 It makes the goats’ skeletal muscles, especially in their back legs, suddenly tighten up and then slowly loosen again. Lots of other animals can have this condition too, including people, horses, dogs, cats, and mice.

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