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Mark have you ever ran a business? There are some very views on Donald Trump here. I have been blind since birth I am now running by third business and I have always used the principles that Donald Trump has used and does Eames in this election. With no money and very limited education my businesses have all succeeded and when they did not do so well it was usually because of someone forcing a principle that was not embraced by someone like Donald Trump. After a while I either left the business or changed that principle. But yes there is a feeling that the man is honest if he were not the people that worked for him in Nevada would have voted him out. He either pays everybody off really good or no one has much bad to say about him. With two divorces and for bankruptcies where are the people people who are not for Trump hate him far worse than Obama or Clinton ever was despised. They despised Donald J Trump because he is a rich man and people hate wealth and power more than anything. If somebody had some dirt they would bring it out. complaining? Ricky Prevatte – Are you serious? No dirt on Trump? Pay attention to the world, my friend, it’s all over the news. Let’s see, there is the fraud suit for Trump University, with both the New York State AG and defrauded students suing. Both are making progress in the courts and Trump is scheduled to testify in May, You didn’t see about hundreds of his Las Vegas employees picketing because of low wages and bad conditions? He’s known for stiffing contractors and attorneys he hires. Barbara Cochoran, from Shark Tank who is a real estate agent, had to sue Trump for stiffing her on a commission for some property she sold him. He told her to sue him and she did. She won. Crappy way to treat people. And, there is the serial adultery. I’m sure you will make excuses for him but the truth is that there is plenty of dirt out there on him. If he ever releases his taxes, like Hillary has done, there will be even more. Stay tuned, the dirt never stops with this clown.