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Erich Broxson, as I already said, if I had the choice I’d vote for Kasich. Now your turn. Why are you OK with the fact that Trump is by far the most prolific liar of the bunch? How you can make the statement that he’s an HONEST man is beyond me. Hey Dave, do you realize that the one you’re representing, has no votes? I’m just curious. & I admire that you’re going for somebody who you think will make a real change that shows some quality. However the man’s strategy and plan and backing is not strong enough to get him a vote… So no matter how much you want him to win it’s just not going to happen, even if you trash Trump and the people who support Trump. Does that make sense? I actually give you more credit some of the other haters. But hating doesn’t hurt the one you’re hating it hurts yourself and drags you way down into the cesspool brother, because everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and everyone is entitled to cast their own vote. We need somebody with nuts like boulders and pockets so deep they can’t be bought! TRUMP is our next president! & I don’t care what all these whack jobs think or say we both know the difference, Donald Trump is going to work his heart out to get us out of this bad situation. It’s not about money to Donald Trump anymore it’s about legacy and doing good! I so agree with you everyone in the world has dirty laundry and I’m fine with Trump’s dirty laundry these politicians and media etc. are lashing out because Trump is doing it and they thought it would never happen and were not prepared Just like the commentator Chuck Todd when the campaigns began he was so disrespectful to Trump and now he’s mellowing . You hit the nail on the head Charlotte Hollingsworth and thank you for the vote of confidence in myself as I stand up for what I believe is right in voting for Donald Trump to be President. I agree with you they never thought he could do it, and laughed at him at the possibility of him being a threat, and now they are scrambling to find anything they can to pull him down from the lead lol and I find it humorous and comical because everything they try only makes him stronger. Go Trump!