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WTF is wrong with people…what kind of thought process does a person have to have to do this to an animal of any kind?! Absolutely mind blowing! I had 2 kittens du M pedal in my driveway, scared, alone, hungry. Their world had been turned upside down. Now, they are in my house, happy, purring, food water, and using a litter box. Life can change in a moment.

  • Who ever did this to an Innocent animal will rott in hell. Disgusting. No wonder I can’t stand human kind. Cold hearted and SELFISH. rare ones out there that have the heart they should have.
  • Some people it’s so cold and heartless brought me to tears I’m so happy he was found and that he has a new chance at life absolutely terrible so so happy for this pooch
  • What is wrong with people? My faith in mankind is dwindling by the day. Im glad this little guy was saved and pray he finds a nice loving home. There is a special place in hell for people like that. They will suffer for forever thirsting for water

Someone needs to be tied up with duck tape with no food or water and left behind. People really are cruel..if they didn’t want it they should have taken it to the shelter, This looks like the one Banana Republic sold in January. It was on preorder and sold out. Tons of people (including myself) are asking them to bring it back.

I’m so glad you are healing and have such a positive mindset. Please hang in there, you’re very strong and I’m hoping you heal very quickly. Thinking of you! As someone working on the ambulance in NZ my first thought is  my gosh, tough cookie doesn’t even cover it, although I would have loved a patient like you grinning on the scoop. Well done on your recovery it’s a long hard one but you have done so well

About 6 years back I made a 22 feet fall when the top spot of an observation hut broke underneath my feet. I was very lucky cause I only hurt my knee a little bit. Didn’t break a thing. Few days later someone down the street made a fall from a ladder. Broke his neck. Gone. You’re so luck to be alive and I think that’s what you realized when they put you down on that stretcher. Cause that’s how I felt. I felt invinsible for a very long time

RBG dissent collar face mask

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