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acted quicker then the dems and if I remember correctly they were angry he closed travel from those places so if he didn’t hed be fucked either way right? And if you ask your great candidate he says his plan for combating Covid is everything that OUR president has already done

  • 2 million were predicted to die by experts, so be grateful that the other 1 million 800,000 didn’t die. With the inadequate count of the actual covid deaths who knows how much lower the true numbers are.
  • what an egregiously irresponsible thing to say.. another brain dead person who would blame the president for getting dumped if it could make an iota of sense. Joe biden’s been in office for almost 50 years name me five things he’s done for the working class America I can name you five things Trump done for the working class American and he’s been in office for only three and a half years
  • He would have closed the borders in Feb before the outbreak reached the USA. Biden came out and said that it was serious and the President should be taking it seriously and not lying to the people of the USA . Biden has worn a mask and socially distanced since March as advised by medical professionals , it is called setting example .

It’s what leaders are suppose to do idiot . You know like what Obama and Biden did when the Ebola outbreak occurred genius ! Ebola had a death rate of 40 % and Covid 19 has a death rate of 3%-4% . Yet only 2 people died from Ebola in the USA and how many have died from Covid 19 in the USA ? Is it 200,000 or 220,000 so far ?

Stop watching the corupt msm and do your own research. Trump saved a LOT of lives. He shut down china from entering our country, went to factories and had them make thousands of respirators to give to hospitals in a very short time, he shut the country down for two months, he had the “expert” Fauci advising him and did daily news briefs with Fauci going back and forth, everyday hopscotching around and giving different advice every week.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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