This mask is as useless as the Idiots that require it face mask


This mask is as useless as the Idiots that require it face mask 1

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She was a model… ?? A long time ago… !!?? You never did some things you may of regretted when you were young ? ?? She’s was Very beautiful, then and now.. So that gives haters the right to be mean and disresptful to A MOTHER, ON MOTHER’S DAY !!? You support that evil crudeness? You dont like her , fine.. but to be mean like that.. that’s bs and you know it ! I get a kick of all these actors and music artists who think their opinions will lead to people believing them and their thoughts to change. They have no worries. They are set financially. Go walk in their shoes for awhile. I’m not telling you anything …that you will comprehend. I will say – even if his wife is not as attractive as Melania, that does not make her a less classy woman. Beauty does not equal class; nor does wealth. The truth hurts! Michelle Obama was treated way worse and she actually was a classy educated woman. Plus she did so much for our country! Can’t say that for the trash that’s in the White House now! a Democrat always show there intelligence when opening their mouths. They are so vile and never provide any facts to back up their rhetoric. The conservatives have been called uneducated deplorable but we have risen above a four letter dictionary and a despicable moral code. she earned all her disrespect with one statement when she said ” this is the first time I have ever been proud of America” AFTER him sorry POS husband are the election. Maybe I should have said after soros bought his election. the point is another has been Actor, so called comedian targets the First Lady and all other republican woman! The liberal democrats are the biggest hypocrites! Melania Trump has more class than you’ll ever have or Michelle Obama. Btw, I’m a republican and never would treat our First Lady republican or Democrat the way she gets beat up. Don’t tell me Michelle Obama has it worse!

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