Tombstone 27th Anniversary 1993-2020 Thank you for the memories shirt, tank top, hoodie


Tombstone 27th Anniversary 1993-2020 Thank you for the memories shirt

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Ill believe it when he gives actual detail to how he’ll do it. Trump is not a politician but c’mon how hard is it to give details to policies he has already “figured out”. But thats another story, how will this wall actually stop illegal immigration. Its preposterous to actually think a wall will fix the problem of immigration its like thinking the speed limit will fix speeding its to no use. I dont want to persuade anyone, but actually look into the candidate you support. There is a constitution to be followed there are feasible things and then there are outrageous propositions. Vote for someone who will make positive changes in our nation, this isnt about finding scapegoats in mexicans or muslims this is about unity and preserverance to a better United States. So yes make America great again but not by dividing us instead by uniting us. Why would I be against building a wall? Because it’s gonna cost how many billions? And the way he plans to get that money is gonna hurt our economy. Then once he’s done built it, the Mexicans will build a $10 tunnel and go right underneath it. Thats one of the many reasons though. Tina those citizens that see him as a threat are blinded by the liberal light!! They will NEVER admit the disparity this country is in!!! It makes me sick to see these people hate someone who wants to HELP US and turn this country around! So roy ramos u live in laredo?I’ve been there plenty of times for work. How many months ago did your visa expire? ? Better get ready I heard ice agents are gonna round up all the illegals at the mall del norte! When u get back to Mexico do us all a favor and stay there.  Because alot of people in your country are illegal immigrants and if trump becomes POTUS then they can’t bring over the other 80 members of their families to be able to leech off of those who work. Nicole Price there are Native Americans in Arizona that would benefit from the wall. The Tohono nation in Arizona. Do your research. Being that you are so concerned about Native Americans and all.