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Congress and the president are working for the special interest and super PAC that help them win their elections. Trump works for America and the American citizens! No brian… He is going to make it cost more for companies who want to move out of the USA and then bring their good back here to sell. The corporate tax rate cut will be an incentive to STAY but the ones that don’t, and take the jobs overseas, will be hard pressed to sell it back here. What part of this is hard to understand? I agree with everything you said. Seems like all we say fall to deaf ears. To them we are all not smart enough to know or decide what we want, or what’s best for us. They give OUR money (it doesn’t belong to them) away. If they were to stop trying to buy other country’s loyalties every one here would have health care, a college educations, and lower taxes. SS would stop being robbed, so seniors could afford to retire, and that would open up more jobs to the younger generation. As it is now, poor students are getting their college degrees then defaulting on their loans because unless you’re born to a rich family, that’s the only way it can be done. This is wrong. Lana Gruber Crolius wait till November? First off, if you’re trying to make the point “wait and see what he does,” you should know presidents aren’t sworn in until January. Secondly, if I promised to make you a million dollars, without proof, would you instead vote for me? Are you really that gullible? Girl, I agree! But you would be surprised how many people don’t want any of that. They are the ones that are what’s wrong with this county, they are the ones with no economic sense (bc every democratic city is border bankrupt)- they don’t know how to balance a budget, they are the ones who think America is so rich we can Afford to feed the universe, they are the ones who say ‘to hell with the law, let’s give illegals drivers license/social security numbers/voter id’s, they are the ones who want to take guns from the good guys so only the bad boys/girls have weapons, they are the ones who want to give our tax money/social security/food standoff/healthcare/housing to illegals (too bad they don’t understand that by giving ‘everyone access to our pocket book, will take from them as well, and when the money runs out- it’s gone from them too)! Lol duh!!! Damnedest thing common sense folks have ever seen!