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Try reading all serious independent media in the world and hear what they are seeing. Of course that must be ‘fake news’ just trying to bully Donald, the standard answer. The rest of us (billions of people) is watching your nation fall apart and I can only say that I hope the best for you guys. But of course, we’re just left wing lib retards all of us, right? In reality, the world needs a strong a united nation like the US, not a divided nation full of fear.

  • but just keep your head higher and refrain from the same infantile name calling and fear fuelled talk. It’s not worth it. That’s Donald’s strategy. Dragging everyone down in the mud, making you no better than him; divide and conquer. He’s successfully divided the US in two parts, both hating each other.
  • Do you really want to live like this? It’s really mind blowing to experience all this from the distance… the handling of corona has been a disaster and Trump of course knows that. 200.000 dead. It’s sad and the numbers don’t lie.
  • You are the Greatest American we have had for President since Reagan and beyond! Thank you for being so determined, so loyal and so Patriotic! God Bless you and your family and FOUR MORE YEARS!

Some of your decisions were ok. BUT…. not firing Fauci is insane. He has been wrong. He is building fear instead of hope. He has been associated with Bill Gates & China. And now trying to keep us in fear with 99% recovery rate from this flu like virus.

Have you listened to how Trump talks about immigrants and “radicals” protesting in cities. All Trump does is stoke fear! Except when it involves lifesaving information that could save our lives, like the fact that he knew the novel coronavirus was airborne in FEBRUARY. Thousands died unnecessarily from him withholding that info. Because he was worried about how it would effect his re-election. Trump has more blood on his hands than all of the presidents and wars we can remember COMBINED.

Trump’s rally to start last night….I flipped the channel to CNN to see what was going on. A Biden Town Hall!!!! How about that….so I decided to listen to Biden…because I had never witness him speak for a long period of time…..I Watched the Town Hall…Biden needs to go into a health care facility.

The only thing tougher than a trucker is a trucker’s wife face mask

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