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Oh the one that spreading fear is the one saying the bogeyman is coming to the border, Black people are moving to the suburbs, Mexicans are rapists drug dealers, and Muslims going to kill US citizens.  lets rely on hope for this virus to disappear, better yet lets pray it goes away. We should have told that to the 200,000 people that died and their families.

  • Fauci told you the virus was air born on Jan 31st in the first task force briefing. where were you? when he stated that asymptomatic people could absolutely spread the virus, what did you think that meant? Were you in a cave when those daily briefings were going on?
  • Did you not see all over the media in the month of January from the 9th through the 24th that there were deaths outside of China from this virus. Apparently everyone knew it, except you and the Dem universe. Apparently a lot of people knew because on the last week of February store shelves were becoming bare…people don’t do that for a case of the flu. Keep failing. Trump2020
  • I knew the virus was airborne because I actually read science and was listening to people other than Trump, thank God. Sadly, my grandpa only watched Fox News and died of Covid in March. The Trump cult won’t listen to anyone but him and it’s costing lives.

His task force of science was talking to you. There was no reason for Trump to say people are going to die. That’s what the scientists were there for, to let the American people know the danger and they did their jobs, yet people ignored and disbelieved.

Dem leaders (one of them running for president and another the house speaker) laughed in America’s faces with their actions all of February. Then they watched idly while state leaders that couldn’t find their butts with a flashlight in the dark mishandled the protection of their citizens.

You are blind. We are only talking 7 months ago and Dems living in the dark ignoring the fact that they are failures. Congrats, you did it. Trump2020 Trump and his sycophants are the ones that have been wrong every step of the way, from “It’s a hoax”, “It’s under control”, “it magically goes away in April when it gets warm”, all the way to “what if we inject people with disinfectant”.

They whispered to her you cannot withstand the storm she whispered back I am the storm poster

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