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Jeanne Paxton yes I agree with you but without the reason for the Season to some it would be just an ordinary day – we should love and respect our loved ones every day – Christmas is the only time that some people have hope of new things to come – I do believe that it has got silly with people spending more money than they can afford – showing love and support to others costs very little if anything at all.  Long before Jesus Christ was born December 25 was celebrated by people who worshipped the “sun” not God. Like 300 years after Jesus Christ died the Roman church adopted this celebration to bring in these people into the church. They just changed the name to “Christmas” same as “Easter”. It was celebrating the “sexual fertility god”. PLZ PLZ don’t believe me. Do your own research. Look up the “origin” of these holidays . You are welcome some one has stand for home him died for us. On the cross and that a very painful death merry Christmas and nm happy new year too you too co dy stone. We was thought that to believe in Jesus was Christmas been with the family was part of love the family and friends together but what Santa Claus came from with celebrate the 3 Kings in PR. Traditions is be with family and friends but Jesus born the 12/ 25. The meaning as to all of us Christians. In reality, Jesus was actually born in the spring time. Interesting fact, we chose December 25th which originated as a pagan holiday to celebrate Jesus birthday  the reason we are alive n well if wasn’t for Jesus we be here so I want to thank him dying on the cross forgive us our sins he paid the full price we we’re on his mind the love mercy grace the miracles am so thankful that I worship a amazing wonderful fantastic lovely God glad he n mind n my fiance life we can’t live with out him we need u every day so we give u the honor the glory love u Jesus.













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