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Nice try but the question was about people being denied the right to vote. Denial of the right is not same as suppression. Suppression has occurred since voting began by both sides ! Nice try but try to stick to the issue being discussed. So often I find that people with weak arguments try to divert to other arguments while acting like it’s the same.

  • Kim Hargis When the state government shuts down the majority of voting sites in areas where the population overwhelmingly votes for the opposite party, that is voter suppression and that happened in Georgia.
  • When the state government restricts voting by mail during a pandemic to prevent those who do not wish to be exposed to or to expose others to that pandemic because the majority of mailed in ballots might be for the other party, that is voter suppression, which is happening largely in Republican-run states.
  • Rick thank you for your traveling information. I can not support your support of the corrupt Democratic politicians in DC who need to resign. We need term limits. I know I know get off this page because I am not entitled to an opinion.
  • Thank you Rick! Voter suppression like we saw in Georgia yesterday is
  • undemocratic. No lines in the white, conservative neighborhoods, and up to 4 hour wait time, in terrible heat, in Democratic strongholds. Republicans know that they can’t win in many districts, without gerrymandering and voter suppression.
I’m guessing not one dollar will go to those who were injured, shot, killed, had their businesses burned to the ground and their neighborhoods destroyed, or the monuments sprayed full of graffiti, cemetery headstones vandalized or store windows smashed during these “Peaceful Protests”?? As you may guess I will not be contributing. I will, however, contribute to the police who were beaten, shot, had bricks thrown at them (that were delivered ahead of time to be projectiles by the rent a rioters.
You people and your fake news Memes. Show me one person who has been denied their right to vote? This is all fake and fraudulent to get people to go out and vote to prove that there isn’t voter suppression. This is all a joke and anybody who is supporting this is flushing their money down the toilet and making a few lawyers rich.

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