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I I?m just glad having no migraines, visual snow in itself isn’t that annoying. (I mean,could be fatigue stems from it. And it is sometimes a little bit annoying to try looking at things and having the visual snow blurring it.)

  • I used to see colored dots when I was in dark rooms like before I went to bed and stuff. Haven’t paid attention to if I still see them. I always thought it was weird, but never gave it much thought
  • Oops well you need to realise that in this World there are people with Special Gifts in seeing things that Not everyone one is able to see & that doesn’t mean they are sick, I was 13 yrs old when my right eye got hit by a hockey and then after that incident, I started seeing white flying bubbles from that damaged eye.
  • hello can you find out how the eyes begin to blur, i have this problem of seeing for 1 and a half years now,can you find the reason,because im tired of medicine and have to go to checkup my eyes every time

Omg, this is what happened to me for some months (started from quarantine as I spent so much watching my phone). Went to specialist and even did MRI it came back normal. When I did a visit to an orthoptic, she said my eye muscle screwed a bit so I had to do some exercises she suggested,I have to come back in six month. And anyway.

I have migrained with aura too and neurologist suggests to take magnesium double and some vitamins… my question, do screen time triggers this thing?Does anyone else see iridescent flecks that are vivid when it’s overcast? Like sometimes it is like static, other times it’s like the flecks move on their own

I had to share this. I have never heard of this & my wife are both fervent eye doctor visitors. We have never been asked about anything like this. During eye exams here they seem to focus on only macular degeneration, diabetes,glaucoma, & retinal issues.

Eye Chart Visual Acuity Test face mask

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