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I love how dogs put humans through trials sometimes and as soon as they know they won’t be hurt they just surrender like Luna did. She’s a beautiful dog love this story, Thank you for the share. It melted my heart. I have a rescue Lab and cat and they give so much joy especially during this difficult time we find ourselves in at the moment. Living alone it is so apparent that my pets save me

  • God Bless you for saving this precious baby. She had so much sadness in her eyes. And she just jumped at everything. Bringing Charlie outside was a great move. She now knows love. And she’s a beautiful baby who deserves to be loved and have a loving home.
  • Those are the best dogs… The ones that choose us instead of us choosing them. Good luck with her and I hope you two live a long happy life together! You are such a kind loving person. Dogs are good judges of people. She chose you. The fear in her eyes broke my heart. So glad you have each other and Luna is safe,fed and loved
  • I am so happy for the bought of you. You seem very loving and she seems happy to be loved. I tell my children you don’t choose love it chooses you. This post is just terrific and educational in how to gain the trust of a fearful and perhaps an abandoned dog, who is all alone and hungry. It left a good feeling in my heart…

She is part Chow Chow…see the spots on her tongue. I used to have one like her many, many, many years ago. Great little girl. She is still missed. They’re adorable. One of my babies named Osha looks just like Luna which I also have a baby named Luna. They are all precious and deserve to be taken care of and happy.

She has Chow in her (purple on her tongue). They will always be loyal. We had a border collie/chow mix and he was the best dog. she dna tested the dog and it did in fact come back as majority chow with some pitbull and something else I can’t remember.

Before i even saw her tongue i knew she has Chow in her. She almost looks exactly like my boy, Smokey. He is Shepard/Chow mix. Very loyal, loving and the smartest dog Ive ever had. He is a little over 10 years old now.

Party like It’s 1347 face mask

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