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She was grasping on the horn of the saddle and was a sweet little natural rider! Her mom was standing by and freaking out! I gently took her mom’s arm and said….Do Not instill fear in your daughter. That little girl was still on the back of that horse! Calm as could be and feeling great!!

  • Doubt he has the grip strength to hold on and don’t know what is holding his feet in place. Is he tied to it? Bad news if the “ski” tips over. This is why there are so many kids that are sobored if there is no phone in there hand. Parents fail to introduce new things to them. Just easier to shove a phone in their hands and call it good.
  • Apparently no one has read the story about the parents who just lost their 9 year old son to carbon monoxide poisoning after taking him skiing and keeping him close to the boat in case he fell.
  • I watched the video. Baby didn’t look happy to me. Looked confused. Like had no idea what was going on. How old could he be ? Not sure if I would have a 6 month old skiing and in this pic kid has no safety glasses or a helmet on and if you look at the pic very closely I’d say it’s photo shopped

Why is it ok for baby’s to learn different languages at a young age but when parents want to explore fun tricks (with well seen safety) it is bad parenting?? Some one should report this family . By putting this child in Dangerous thing and the news though it was funny. This is child abuse.

Picture was clearly put together (poorly), Look at it closely, it’s 3 pictures in one !! Why OH Why is it so easy to fool people on the internet , too many people believe everything they see/read on the internet !!!

My daughter walked at 8 mths and even though at 6 mths she was standing against and walking around furniture at 6 mths she would not have had the ability to hold on and stabilise herself like that I’m sure. Maybe for a quick shot.

Horror Movie Characters water reflection shirt

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