Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong poster


Sewing Because Murder Is Wrong poster

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So sad i pray this young man and I say MAN because he proved he is a man ! Will continue to help people if he sees someone that needs i hope they didnt discourage him from being a big hearted wonderful human being God bless him and hus mom who raised such a hero the police department should give him a medal that would show the school hiw ridiculous their rules are . Thank You For Saving This Girls Life. You Did The Right thing regardless of What the school says. You are a true Hero and I don’t blame you Mother you wouldn’t go back to school there either. God Bless You Both. He did the right thing. Would the teacher think differently if it had been them having an issue. Should the kids just wait and not help? The school needs to apologize to him and remove the suspension from his record. Mom you are raising a great awesome kid! So proud of you sir! You did the right thing! Your school needs to be disciplined not you! Asthma is nothing to wait on! Your windpipe can close up quickly and cut off your air and you can die quickly. This school should be investigated on policies. Good job young man! Where do this teacher come from waiting for an email. I wonder if she would have waited if it was her child NO SHE WOULDN’T.Shes the one who should have been suspended and he should have been praised for his actions.  Young man you did everything right helping a fellow student in trouble!!! The teacher is in the wrong and the Principal should be fired too for suspending you for trying to help someone in trouble!

















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