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We visited the Rijksmuseum when they had a special display of the Night Watch and it was fascinating. We had seen it previously but this display explained everything about it and we came away with a much better appreciation of Rembrandt’s work.

  • This one sure has suffered some harrowing times. Thankful that there have been heroes there to safeguard this masterpiece! I have always wondered why the woman in the background was lighter than the rest of the background figures….just found it odd since background figures are usually darker than the foreground figures.
  • Just finished a book called The First Salute. Chronicles the Revolutionary War. Learned how the Dutch and the Dutch East India co played a pivotal role in this country’s history. Our first real ally even before we were a country. They literally were the only country willing and crafty enough to make it through the British embargo to sell much needed supplies and munitions enabling us to defeat the Red Coats. So next time you meet a Dutchman say thanks and give them a hug
  • What a great way to obtain more information about the art and the artist. Just walking through a museum and admiring works of old, you don’t really get the ‘real’ story. Thanks! Love this painting and have seen it numerous times in the Rijksmuseum. Hope to be there again next summer. Rembrandt was ahead of his time highlighting “ common” people who showed emotion as opposed to stiff royalty in his paintings. He was a master.

Thank you for the great history and stories behind the scenes of this magnificent painting. We had a chance to see it at the Rijks museum some 20 years ago. We loved it so much and bought a replica canvas of it. It’s been proudly portraying in our home ever since.

I will never forget the feeling of awe when I first saw the “Night Watch” as I walked down the long hall toward the room where it was displayed. It was Wow on steroids! Thank you for these escapist posts. They give me life right now. I really appreciate how you continue to try to educate folkx about how travel can help change the world. You are a treasure!

Life without dogs I don’t think so shirt,tank top, hoodie

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