Just a girl who loves books face mask



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Just a girl who loves books face mask

when your cult leader uses dirty language and calls humans names why is that ok to you? No other President has had that lack of class. Are we just to accept that Rapepublicans are nothing but hypocritical perverts and traitors who hate America? Trump says 96% of Republicans are Trump scum.

  • do you remember Trump having kissy kissy with North Korea and saluting their Generals. He hates American Generals and salutes enemies. Why do Rapepublicans hate America?
  • DONT cures at me little girl you don’t know me and I could care less trump need to be put in jail …he’s golfing while death toll is rising pay attention once in your life, Really, you are using a president cheating on his wife as your moral standard? Are you 3 years old?
  • Another Democrat who spends his life being angry, looking at everyone else and blaming him or her for their miserable life. Pathetic. Only u can make your life better.
  •  I listen to a professor from the University of Toronto. His name is Jordan Peterson. Give him a listen if u get a chance. I am sickened with young people today and their attitudes. That includes my own children! They are totally misguided by a hateful message and violent people.

whats your definition of democracy? Food stamps, open borders, criminals on the street, 70% tax rate, high unemployment, no ability to protect yourself if u need to, burn people’s Bibles, worship the Democratic party instead of God?

Who raised all of these miscreants? I’m proud of my children…Can you extrapolate your personal failings so that we can avoid these mistakes in the future. you just keep your seat on that couch, Robert…you will continue to be unemployed and on the government dole if/when Biden/Harris win the November 2020 election. They are not going to restore life as you knew it before Trump! Think more on the lines of Cuba with Castro as it’s dictator!

You are really obsessed with pedophilia! Which means YOU are the “DIRTY LITTLE PEDO”. You seriously need HELP…and I mean specifically psychiatric counseling and antipsychotic drugs. I am serious! Call and make an emergency doctor’s appointment MONDAY! But! Be aware…pedophilia is NOT curable. I feel SO sorry for you and your plight as a child molester! You’ve got a hopeless road ahead of you to travel.

Just a girl who loves books face mask