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Grinch I Hate People Face Mask

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Atlanta police chief resigns after fatal shooting of a Black man outside fast-food restaurant A 27-year-old Black man was fatally shot by Atlanta police Friday night after he reportedly fell asleep in the drive-through line of a fast-food restaurant. According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the man, identified as Rayshard Brooks of Atlanta, resisted arrest when police attempted to take him into custody after he failed a sobriety test. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced Saturday afternoon that the city’s police chief, Erika Shields, had resigned and called for the officer who shot Brooks to be terminated. Nonsense! The black crook attempted to snatch the cops gun, He had to bite the bullet. ‘I can’t breathe, l can’t breathe’, hahaha! You can go back to the streets and loot again, but more criminals will have to bite the bullet We still plan do your Eastern France tour, maybe next year, and I like the look of the My way Italy which will give us more time in places we went with you already like Florence and some new places as well. In the mean time we will armchair travel and hope for the best for all your folks in the US and abroad. We’ve dealt with ups and downs for 30 years. Demand doesn’t dissipate, like a temporarily dammed up river, it backs up and, when released, comes back in a deluge. For now, we’ll travel in our dreams and tackle this crisis with brains and heart. we just canceled our much anticipated family tour with your company . We are sad but our hearts go out to all the people on Europe …..but that’s isn’t important at this hour …..the world needs us to be compassionate and caring at the moment and stand with our communities .Once we are over this difficult time , the travels will return .















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