I’m A Dogaholic Face Mask



I’m A Dogaholic Face Mask

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Steve has always been the ”Dream” biz. Opening doors and windows in European cities for everyone. I’ve been fortunate to talk with him on radio and TV shows in Portland, then Seattle from the very start. This, his latest example of safeguarding people and their dreams comes naturally. He is, truly, One of the Good Guys. And, fortunately, the Northwest has provided many Good Guys. We are in Bavaria now (since Feb 23), and spent a week in Vienna just before the city closed all museums, etc. Glad to see that there is concrete plan of action to at least slow the spread of the virus, with public support. Level heads seem to be prevailing here…no panic shopping in the small towns and cities where we rent our holiday apartments. We have cancelled our day trips by train to Munich, choosing to explore the local towns on foot, which often gives a new and welcome perspective. Munich will be there next year. We will face 14 day self-isolation upon our return to Canada, but that will give me a chance to watch the Rick Steves Europe boxed set I received for my support of PBS. Take good care of yourselves (and others), fellow travellers! I am pretty good at “armchair” mode travel! : ) Missouri is a long way from Europe-but I love watching your shows and reading your books-so I always “keep on traveling!”. On my bucket list-a Rick Steve’s Tour with my hubby of 22 years! Good post! I hope our friend, Alfio, will see this post and know we are thinking of him , and all the wonderful people we met in Italy on our Rick Steves tour. We will be back. I promise. Thanks, Rick, for making the world a smaller place. Alfio is a dear soul and now facing a lean employment future in the near term like all our European guides. They are strong and passionate and appreciate our support. I’ve assured them that we’ll get through this and certainly will do what our t-shirts promise: Keep on Traveling’!















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