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We can agree to disagree. This platform is to share opinions. Im glad so many of you have the means to pay for all kinds of services and energy and health to dedicate so much to your pets. Thats great! Its good to see people feel so strongly about their pets. However the world is not black and white. 

  • Dogs are amazing companions and rescue isn’t about you being able to walk a dog 2 times a day. Its about saving and caring for a life which otherwise could be put down due to overpopulation. Exercise is so important but walks twice a day should not be the end all be all of having a pet.
  • Dog needs walk to get rid of energy and becomes calm and satisfyed. In US you seem to keep dogs for your own good without respect and provide their needs.
  • everyone has different circumstances. You can’t make the assumption or say that if you don’t walk your dog you should not have one. In my case I have had a beagle for 14 years.
  • hrough out his life he has been walked, but now that he is older and has back and heart issues I don’t take him for a walk every day as it is painful for him. He enjoys our backyard so to say that I should not have a dog because I don’t walk him is not right.

A dog in a tiny cell… or a dog in a home sleeping comfortable, running around the back yard and occasional walks!!! Sounds good to me… a dog can have a great life without having to be walked twice a day everyday! Way better than a tiny pen and it is loved!

hi, where I live Some rescue and foster places won’t allow anyone over a certain age and depending dogs age to foster or adopt dogs.even with older dogs, if you are not exercising them, you can make there health worse, yes they cannot go on a all day hike.. But a 5-10 min walk daily or twice daily is better than them sitting in the house doing nothinf

I think people are assuming I’m saying dogs don’t need exercise. I have an arthritic dog who I walk in order to keep her from being stiff so I understand that. I agree alllll dogs need exercise just as people do. But what I’m saying is everyone’s circumstances are different and two walks a day should not be the end all be all of having a pet.

Fuck this mask and the cocksuckers that require it face mask

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