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Please my all Christians brothers and sisters please God name trust me please I’m not a beggar man I’m not lying you I’m a true Christian and I believe in God we are hungry my country is all luck down don’t have work I’m living in little rent house and my family and me hungry today and I have two children and he is hungry don’t have food in my house and many people make fun of my words I’m very worried please help me please God name trust me please?

  • I ask all my Christian brothers and sisters to help us. Our country is closed. We live in a rented house. I have two children and are hungry. And believe me. Help us for God’s sake.
  • God will bless us with this man who yes isnt perfect, but is absolutely perfect for the job. In crisis I believe certain people are picked for a reason. Call him what you’d like but his flaws have a fine way of fitting into the greatest position in America.
  • Beware of False prophets who would replace Christ with their own ego. They don’t seek forgiveness, because they do not see the truth in unifying with G-d through Christ. They will promise miracles and deliver ash. Don’t be misled.

Good morning Mr. President. Thank you for the wonderful job you have done during your administration. I voted for you in 2016 for the first time as a republican, and I will most certainly vote for you again in a few weeks. May God bless and keep you safe always.

Prayer’s for you , Your family and staff Mr. President. Thank you for all you have done & will do. Your Sacrifice is most appreciated. I am grateful . it was a wonderful and phenomenal interview last night , you’re such a hardworking President who sleeps late and wake up very early for us, great work

Please remind the country that these same people trying to take the high road regarding ” fairness ” with Supreme Court are the same people that spied on your campaign and have been trying to overthrow the government during the impeachment. Thry are still trying to overthrow you and steal the election. Do not give an inch. ALL of the Republicans should get behind you or thry will never win again. It doesn’t matter what was said about Garland that was BEFORE THIS COUP

Friends Joey I’m Chandler shirt, hoodie, tank top

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