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I enjoyed reading your story and I love watching your travels on TV. I will probably never get to Europe but I can enjoy dreaming about it while watching you. Thanks so much!

  • Rick, you are my Saturday night date on my local PBS channel, WGTE out of Toledo, Ohio! I was supposed to be in Italy right now. We are now aiming for September 2021. Can’t wait for our next date!
  • I love Rick Steves have watched his shows fore a long time now and can watch them over and over again . I think they should be shown more often . Especially in these times when they’re is nothing but poop on TV !
  • Gracie for the “tour” of Italy that includes the Dolomites. Our plan to return to Italy and visit this region has stalled, but we have hope to visit a meadow such as this, then return to Cinque Terre for the sea version of a view.
  • We have visited Seiser Alm only in winter, for the skiing… we stay in Selva/Val Gardena.. It is such a wonderful place. We hope to visit there in late summer..maybe next year? Hopefully.

We went to Switzerland in 1989. Stayed in Grindewald for 2 weeks ( in Europe for 6 mos so it was a resting place. Loved taking the tram every AM for coffee in the Alps. Wow! I love the Italian Dolomites and the food there. It provides a nice sense of serenity. Drove through there many years ago.

I went there solo with the aid of your guidebook and it is one of the best memories of European travel. The hiking, the people, the food! The details in your book made it possible! Had to cancel a driving trip with my sister across France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany to Berlin. The driving route was our fathers WWII route during his time in the USArmy.

We planned every detail of our trip from Dad’s “company clerks” journal. Now sis and I are planning to re-book in January 2021 if allowed. Thank you for all your travel tips in your book. Not to mention all the travel on your PBS show. Can’t wait for your new travel filming – when you are allowed. Always a fan, Brenda

Hard Rock Cafe Valhalla Exe shirt, hoodie, tank top

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