Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie


Fox Racing Monster Energy 3D hoodie

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We did this last weekend. A friend got a new puppy and my kids and I went to visit and meet the new puppy and let our kids play together outside! First time they’ve played with a friend since schools closed! You do you. We will see my parents for Mother’s Day. My teens are seeing small groups of friends. My daughter, 19, starts her summer job on Monday. There is a great FB read called “There was an epidemic during Woodstock” or something along those lines. I’m not downplaying this virus….but as Americans we get to make our decisions. But when your individual decisions impact potentially many other people, I’m not sure what being American has to do with it. Besides the fact that we seem to be the only country in the advanced world with so many cases, that is so far behind in testing, almost nonexistent contact tracing, and states that ignore the pleas and federal guidelines of public health officials about how to reopen safely. Yes, America is truly exceptional in the advanced world in our “freedom” to spread disease unnecessarily. We are the laughingstock of the global health world. being American means that our government can not take away our rights. Not all countries have that freedom. I’ve not broken ANY rule. Today is my 60th day at home. I’ve been in one store for 10 minutes. I’m not the person that your issue is with. yeah. Still no. In every other advanced democracy, individuals have similar rights. America scores pretty low on measures of the quality of our democracy — rule of law, free press, independent justice system — right now, especially since 2016.. There’s nothing uniquely American about having the rule of law. There *is* something uniquely American about the perception that one’s desire to have a play date or not wear a mask overrules public health data.















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