Started As A Virus Mutated Into An Iq Test face mask


Started As A Virus Mutated Into An Iq Test face mask1

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To each their own, and we have to learn to respect how each family proceeds forward and trust that we are all using our best judgement. And then let’s all agree to actually use our best judgment. My daughter turns 14 this wknd! She asked for her 2 dearest friends to come over to celebrate –we’ve seen no one since March 16 –so I said YES!! it’s time –judge me or not! It’s time to start the pace! Cheers! We did this today! Rode bikes in a large empty parking lot area. So good to see mom friends and for my kids to interact with their friends! Fresh air, sunshine, laughter and friendship is the best! No judgement, no crystal ball, no advice from me – but maybe just a suggestion to keep track of interactions in the very, very small chance that contact tracing is needed. Listen to Dr. Ohl from Wake Forest Baptist. He gives updates every Thursday. Our town trusts his advice and we appreciate his humor. He did say today that outdoor activities are best and as for grandparents, wear a mask, be safe and go see them! Hubby is back at work. Daughter started back this week. We actually ate breakfast at one of our favorite spots this morning and it was wonderful. You have to find your level of comfortable and do it. Faith. Our story was written before we ever took our first breath, so it’s all part of His plan. Do what’s best for you and your family. Stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands. Jennifer R Pike Most people on this thread are ending their self-quarantines out of boredom, not necessity
My concern is those who use my faith to deny the scientific evidence and claim that these deaths – particularly the avoidable ones are “part of His plan”.

















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