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Can’t believe I’m coming up on the 10 year anniversary of my Camino… I heard ‘The Way’ has changed a lot… I hope not! Last spring I biked generally along the route of the Camino backwards from Camino de Santiago to Lisbon. It was a very interesting trip. I did alter the route to pass through Ponte de Lima, but there are many variations of the route.

  • Mon amour just opened his “Happy Camper” gifts to sip and savour. So glad to support Rick’s new book as a small expression of his gratitude for his values, social activism, philanthropy, and his focus on “broadening our perspectives personally, culturally, and politically” making the world a better place for us all.
  • Where did you get this information??? Nobody wears a cloak, floppy hat or carries a gourd. People wear trekking outfits and use trekking poles. This is NOT a hut to hut walk where the beds are mostly free.
  • here are some donativos in most towns, but they expect you to donate the amount that a bed and a meal usually costs, about 20€. Most albergues charge 8-12€ for a bed. Please Rick, do a bit of research on the Camino.

About 350,000 people walked into Santiago in 2019. There are tons of FB pages about it as well as lots of websites. You give your readers a very false sense of what walking one of the Camino routes is really like.

I walked Camino. Single most life changing event of my life!! It began as a quest separating my life working into retirement. It quickly morphed into a profoundly personal experience where I met the most amazing people on the planet that I call dear friends to this day

I must get this book! My trek on the Camino was in September 2017. It has changed my life. There are so many wonderful, kind, beautiful people in this world that I met on the Camino!


I like elephants and coffee and maybe 3 people shirt,tank top,hoodie

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