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The problem is that they are changing the rules for the ballots in all the swing states they know exactly what they’re doing!! I’m extremely worried about this. that’s the key, they don’t really care about The Presidential election, they want to keep the house and take the Senate then Trump will be impeached because they know he’s gonna win.

  • I’ve talked to says the Senate is not a sure thing and could be in trouble and these are very reliable sources. If the Dems cheat, and I’m sure they will, then we could lose and they could have a super majority and then it doesn’t matter if Trump is President or not. People have to get out and vote. We need an overwhelming voter turn out to overcome their cheating.
  •  there are very few of these states where trump will take the electoral college lead. Not sc, Vermont, Colo, Arizona, Texas is 50/50. Not Hawaii, not Puerto Rico, pa he is losing. Won’t be Maryland. So not sure what states that you are talking about when you already hava multiple excluded right off top.
  • There are no shenanigans in those states just the ones where people throw out ballots or deny people from voting for no reason or make less polling places in minority neighborhoods so people can’t vote before the polls close! Oh and then there is crooked Florida that won’t let people vote until they pay all of their fines and their cities, towns, and counties can’t tell them what they owe! Just the crooked Republican states , that’s all!

Streeter that’s not true I’m Floridian I don’t have to pay anything and I vote in person every time. The people that can’t vote are felons they have to pay their court fees then they get to vote. Can felons vote in your state?

the Democrats could never win this election without cheating. What American in their right mind would vote for a Democrate. I know they are out there but they are not in there right mind, Critics have slammed Trump for turning the battle against the coronavirus into a partisan issue, and argue that there should be a national mobilization against a disease that has already killed more than 204,000 Americans.

COVID-19 Surging In Red States Just Weeks Before Election.Despite President Donald Trump’s repeated insistence that COVID-19 is largely a blue state problem, cases are surging in red states just five weeks before the election.

Confederate States of America 3D All Over Printed Hoodie

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