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don’t be so dense, of course it’s Boris’s fault, he’s up there to take the very few plaudits he’s earned, so should be prepared to take the criticism, as you should on his behalf. The man is incompetent, Why arnt we back to normal??? More people will die due to lockdowns than of corona! If we can’t gain herd immunity then we live with it and get on with life, if we can gain herd immunity we need to spread it and get over it!!!!! Pull yourself together and get on with life!!!

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  • In it together dont think so .herd immunity it’s happening and instead of being optimistic it’s the end if the world Hope who is happy with this set up its on your heads when it goes to a dictatorship in this county
  • thankfully there are many who are “crackers”, those who see through the fake figures, manipulation of media, the totally unscientific approach to this “pandemic”. Feel free to dose up daily on BBC fake news and keep following the advice which is leading us into a very bleak existence indeed.

Where did the virus really come from in the first place. Flus and such like Peter out but this is ebbing and flowing. Winter will be horrific If still around combined with the usual Flus and cold chest infections. Why is Britain so badly affected? Seems to be one of the worst in Europe with no signs of disappearing soon.

How is it I can take risks and go to work, send kids to school support economy by eating out and going to the pub but I can’t take the same risk when seeing my closest family or friends which I have known and trusted for years? Those rules are not tackling the root causes of the pandemic, they are just there to break family and friends links for a long period of time.. This will not help our society.. Please consider this voice

RBG Women belong in all places where decisions are being made face mask

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