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Herr Jung, our all time favorite local guide. His talks made history come alive, some of it very personal and heart wrenching. Always ending with his whimsical humor.

  • I haven’t been on one of your tours, but I did live in Germany for 7 years. We weren’t with the military, so we lived on the “economy”. I loved it there, and feel so happy when I see your posts! They make my days so much richer. Thank you!
  • I met Herr Jung on a Germany-Austria-Switzerland tour in 2008 and was enthralled with his stories. His history lesson was dramatically different from what I had learned in school. It open my eyes to a new way of thinking of the world and how we are so intertwined.
  • On a Family Tour in 2018, I saw Herr Jung on the street and introduced him to my Grandson. Later I retold the stories to him over delectable pastry in the local shop. My Grandson was in awe that he met someone who had lived through a war. I am sad that we lost Herr Jung but grateful that this book will retell his story forever. Thank you Rick!
  •  Lived in Germany for 6 1/2 years during the 80s. So many incredible memories. Thank you Rick for keeping this alive in our hearts.  I still remember how excited the lady at the B&B was when I told her I was staying there because of a recommendation from Rick Steves. Great memories
Five generations of my ancestors lived there around the 16th century. Birgit was a fun and knowledgeable guide. Quaint town. Thanks for sharing.
I’m so sorry to learn of Herr Jung’s passing. I was fortunate enough to go on one of his wonderful walks and was amazed at how he still got teary eyed when he recalled the care packages from the US after the war.
Traveling is not just seeing and exploring but meeting people who enrich the experience with personal stories and interesting memories. You sure had that with him.

Easily distracted by music and wine poster

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