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It there was an all-wheel drive w/manual transmission option I would overlook the stupid grill. Or at least 3D print something to make the bottom part go away. The ugly nose is one thing, but in combination with the plate placement a real disaster. Like unfinished. Bye bye bmw character

  • Something is very wrong with BMW ….the back of the x6 is awful, the new 5 is like a skoda, i won’t even say anything about them here… I liked the orange and black one. is it m5 or m3 just confused. But the rear exhaust is really good
  • The new vertical grille is just plain ugly. And the license plate looks ridiculous just thrown on there. Who on earth approved this design!?! Why the playe is in the middle of the front of the car!!!! Come on smaller one on the side would be perfect!!!! It’s dope still love it
  • Your stylish ad agency videos cannot cover up the fact you ruined the design of the M3 and M4. You ruined it with that horrible front end. Thumbs down. I made this in 2 minutes. If anyone at BMW saw what I just did they would laugh me out of the building. I wonder how much they paid their designers for this garbage.

Did a great job with the M8, last generation of M3/M4 looked incredible, so credit where it’s due. However, nobody asked for that grill, whole front of the car looks way too feminine compared to the last gen.

I feel this design has lost the M3/M4 personality and the fluidity of the optics that had been so wonderfully consistent and seemed like more of a welcome evolution of the same aesthetic over time. This look is a whole other direction. It’s not a terrible looking car, but it doesn’t look like an M3/M4, at least not from the front.

It’s the new age ..and with new age comes new designs ..this doesn’t look half bad at all ..I’m sure we will all get used to it pretty fast ..after all,BMW is BMW still

BMW face mask

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