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The FBI testified before Congress last week that the biggest security threat are White supremacist violence and ongoing Russian activity now to influence the outcome of the election. BLM were by and large peaceful protests. This is false narrative.

  • And now blm has ties to a communist nation that has more human rights violations than the country blm are fighting. Perhaps they should paint the fist red now. Oops. Would also have you look up what fascism is, since antifa, blm, and the media are doing it a whole lot more than Trump.
  • A lot of the people crying about fascism are literal fucking communists, so there’s that. The government sucks, and will always suck. The best option is to separate yourself from it in every way possible.
  • Apparently burning/destroying peoples property, burning buildings down and terrorizing your neighbors, local business owners who have nothing to do with the death is the way to get the point across i guess.
  • Yep and lashing out at the people not responsible is clearly the intelligent way to go about this. Im sure itll win supporters in mass, Boy in fact. If someone came and destroyed my shit and burnt my property down, screamed in my face in a street i bet I sure would be on board with their message. Yes indeedy.

And because people hurt their sensitive,tender fee-fees, they started burning and looting? My sympathy for these felons can’t be measured with a micrometer. Cluster munitions seem appropriate.

Why not just hold police accountable and avoid these protests and riots altogether? And yes, when government enforcers kill unarmed citizens, people get angry. This is new to you? Might I recommend reading history?

let me guess, you’re Michael Brown t-shirt was in the laundry this morning so you wore the Trayvon Martin hoodie instead? Chauvin is in jail awaiting trial. Same with Aaron Dean. Funny how Brailsford walked and then got paid.


Hamilton – King George da da da face mask

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