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Yep, but there are things that should and could be the same across the board. I don’t think he’s wrong, and with 275,000 people insured by the State Employees’ plan, there’s a lot of buying/negotiating power. He went in demanded terms (200% of Medicare payment) and refused negotiations, which only an idiot does. Hospitals and medical providers are for profit businesses. I don’t see how their prices can or should all be the same regardless just because we’re on insurance. Even the Same chain stores and restaurants within close vicinity of each other charge different prices for the same thing. Also aside from hospitals the lack of providers signing on leaves limited choices for those of us who need specialists for care. I should not have to pay for coverage I cannot use plus the cost of the visit because I can’t use the insurance that I paid for. Both sides need to come closer to the middle but I think this state is ridiculous in the pricing it has suggested. And acting like a two year old demanding what it wants is not negotiating. My plan will be to pay $5 a month every month to pay off whatever bills we get. This is absolutely insane and surely won’t be able to afford out of network doctors, so $5 a month it will be! I don’t mind managing cost; however, I do mind an elected official putting my health care in jeopardy. There are better ways to reach a compromise without threats to NC employees welfare. Question everything! This is just another move from the GOP to stick it to state employees. In addition to screwing with the healthcare to save money, they want to cut retirement and keep the pay scale with little or no increases after 15 years of service, etc., which leads to a teacher shortage and ultimately to their goal to privatize education. Many teachers I know or have known have left the profession within the first 5 years as there are no longer good enough incentives to stay. It’s so discouraging when I think about the future of our state’s education system.