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This Quote ” Jake Tapper on CNN lamented that a friend’s sixth-grade daughter “burst into tears, had to run to bed” because she was “so appalled” by Trump’s behavior. Is the BS that the MSM vomits. This is not about Biden vs Trump. That’s a smokescreen. You saw what they did to Brett Kavanaugh, you see what they have done to Amy Coney Barrett, and the confirmation hearings will be mean, to put it mildly. The people who favor abortion feel threatened. It is about freedom of religion.

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  • Both behaved like teenagers. Pitiful. I’m a Republican…Trump supporter, not a Trump lover, however, watching him in the debate was hard. He spent too much time interrupting, debating with Wallace, talking about how great of a job he’s done, and side stepping questions.
  • He needs to let Biden hang himself, talk to the American people, share all of the things he’s done for the black community, denounce any extremist groups who cause bloodshed and vandalism (be generic and it will cover the extreme right) answer the question before trying to get in his talking points, leave Hunter out of it until the right moment, and stop wasting the first 30 seconds of the 2 minutes talking about himself.

time and place. He had a chance to win over undecided voters. He blew it. The camera is where he needs to focus. Biden did that. People took notice in the difference. I took notice. Not going to vote for him, but it was a smart strategy. It doesn’t matter how he’s been treated. He acted like he was on trial vs explaining why he deserves 4 more years. Hopefully, he’ll listen to hi PR folks.

not at all. I’m a red voter. There are undecided voters that Trump needs. This election is not a shoe in win for him. It’s common sense. He has to reign it in. We have a country that panders to the weak minds of society. 6th grade??? I highly doubt his daughter hasn’t seen worst at school. She does know the looting, killing and burning is from his own party, right?

Baby Yoda Halloween tree shirt, tank top, hoodie

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