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We must learn to see that the amount of coal and oil burning in one country may affect temperatures in many others. We must be able to visualize concretely how the use of certain pesticides in one part of the world is threatening, through long-range air transport, human health and the environment in other places on the globe. We must see that high levels of consumption of paper in the developed world is leading to the destruction of forests in the developing world. Pollution of the air and water is an environmental danger, as we saw earlier, but so is pollution of the ground from hazardous waste. Hazardous wastes are unwanted materials or byproducts that are potentially toxic. If discarded improperly, they enter the ground and/or bodies of water and eventually make their way into the bodies of humans and other animals and/or harm natural vegetation. Alongside the need for improved laws and enforcement mechanisms, there is a crucial need for post-conflict humanitarian agencies and NGOs to pay greater attention to TRW issues during operations. Affected communities and states are in need of assistance and the range of actors engaged with environmental assessment work should be diversified. Action taken in the days and months following pollution incidents can make a significant difference to environmental and public health outcomes. Capacity building work, hazard awareness, environmental monitoring, assessment and remediation of sites of harm and health monitoring of at-risk populations are all essential work that needs to be conducted in the aftermath of conflict “louis vuitton and supreme bedding set”

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