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The UN’s 2018 State of the World’s Forests report found that over half the global population relies on forested watersheds for their drinking water as well as water used for agriculture and industry. Today over 50 percent of the Brazilian Amazon forest is protected, and about half of this land is reserved for indigenous people, who can use it for sustainable forest management and other resources. In 2012, the forest code was updated, Amazing sleeps with frenchies bedding set requiring landowners to preserve 80 percent of the Amazon’s virgin forest, as well as protect watersheds. DeFries monitors changes in forest cover, then uses that information to unravel the processes and causes behind deforestation to help develop effective policies. “Now deforestation is occurring more and more because of industrial scale agriculture—palm oil and soybean plantations. So that means that policies to try to control deforestation have to address these drivers,” she said. Subsistence farming also contributes to deforestation, though today, less so than industrial agriculture. Small farmers cut trees for fuel or to make charcoal to sell, and “slash and burn” parts of the forest to clear land for crops. In a few years, when the soil loses its fertility, they will likely move on to clear a new patch of land.

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