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The health risks associated with hazardous wastes, lead, barium and landfill gas exposure will be communicated to the community by means of a Web site to be developed and a workshop. Environmental justice concepts will also be taught to the residents. A network of community-based organizations will participate in the project. The community is composed primarily of low-income African-American residents. The project analyzes illegal dumping problems in colonias outside Eagle Pass, Texas. A video about the colonias is used as an educational tool to teach residents about the environmental health hazards this creates and the necessity for the community to clean up their own environment. Workshops are held with the community to show the video and to discuss the findings. Using the bilingual video discussion guide,Amazing personalized name new york giants baseball shirt environmental concepts and the health hazards of solid waste are taught. A panel of community activists and environmental advocates will discuss how the community can be empowered to take action to clean up their own environment. The videos are given to schools, churches, etc. The project “Environmental Justice in the Neighborhoods” will train 130 residents from sixty-five grassroots Neighborhood Improvement Associations . Through this training, residents will be empowered with the skills to participate in public debates on environmental issues; participate in committees, task forces and/or boards overseeing such issues; and the skills to seek redress on environmental issues concerning their communities. Each NIA will develop an Environment Plan of Action, identifies the issues and solutions to these problems in their community.

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