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By working with the faith-based organizations in DC’s most impoverished neighborhoods, Green DMV aims to reduce overhead costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use local facilities. The project will educate affected communities about the role of energy efficiency in saving money while protecting the environment in which they live. The goal of this project is to examine Wilmington, Delaware City Ordinance which is intended to prevent or limit fugitive dust. The project also seeks to ensure the ordinance is effectively implemented and enforced in the community where residents are burdened by a number of air pollution sources including industrial, manufacturing, and transportation sources. The Clean Air Council will conduct interviews with local government officials in an effort to understand the background behind the current ordinance and how it has been implemented. The Council will also conduct interviews with members of the South Wilmington community to learn about ways in which the law could be implemented more effectively.Amazing personalized name los angeles chargers baseball shirt Environmental Learning for Kids will recruit 15 young people residing in a low-income neighborhood in Denver for the Youth Mentor Corps. Supervised and trained by a Colorado Division of Wildlife Biologist, they will participate in environmental justice issues in educational workshops, host workshops for small business owners, create and disseminate bilingual fact sheets on EJ issues and pollution prevention, and publish a quarterly newsletter and educational articles for local newspapers on environmental issues. The goal of this project is to use a neutral facilitator who will convene the Canon City Collaborative Forum to do an initial situation assessment.


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