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Not just any company has a $25,000,000 intellectual property lying around to help grapple with the myriad of environmental compliance challenges it faces. That’s what brings Vanguard to anyone’s table…the capability of bringing what is popularly known as an Environmental Management System to the client – no matter where such a facility is located – to virtually any industrialized nation on the planet. What makes Vanguard’s EMS so special is what it can do. Of course, a key stipulation must always meet the specs of the environmental regulations imposed upon industry within any given geo-political jurisdiction, which means a company’s compliance must always be site-specific per the laws that bind. How does any company navigate its way from regulatory compliance tasks – which cost time, effort, and money – to the bottom-line returns of sustainability and environmental stewardship? Let’s look at the issues first, and then list a myriad of strategies that bring the fruits of Amazing lover couple death skull bedding set smart thinking to every good corporate citizen. As pointed out by a recent UN report, without ‘unprecedented changes’ in our actions and behaviour, our planet will suffer drastically from global warming in just 12 years. Greenhouses gases are the main cause of climate change, trapping in the sun’s heat and warming the surface of the earth. But with the increase in global warming, pollution and deforestation, biodiversity is in danger. Billions of species are going or have gone extinct all over the world. Some scientists, in fact, are suggesting that we are in the beginning of a 6th mass extinction, posing issues for our planet and ourselves.

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