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has led to an increase in the global average surface temperatures. This process is called the enhanced greenhouse effect. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen. Only about 1 per cent is made up of natural greenhouse gases, but this comparatively small amount of gas makes a big difference. The Industrial Revolution brought new industrial processes, an increase in the burning of fossil fuels, more extensive agriculture, and a rapid increase in the world’s population. This rapid increase in human activity led to the emission of significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. We know this because of measurements made over the past 50 years and the analysis of air bubbles trapped in ancient ice, which show that levels of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and halocarbons are increasing. The rate at which energy is absorbed by Earth is Amazing hippie all the time all over printed shirtapproximately balanced by the rate at which it is emitted back into space, keeping the Earth in what’s known as a state of equilibrium, and at a stable temperature. As long as the amount of greenhouse gases in the air stays the same, and the rate of energy arriving from the sun is constant, this equilibrium is maintained. In the state of equilibrium that existed during the centuries up until Industrial Revolution, which started in the late 1700s, the natural greenhouse effect maintained the average temperature of Earth’s surface at around 15°C. Homes and other buildings use passive solar energy to distribute heat efficiently and

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