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Deforested areas lose that ability and release more carbon. Long-term changes in forest cover are generally the result of fluctuations in climate. But since the birth of agriculture, an average of 2,500 square kilometres has been cleared each year. Of course, particular areas have seen higher rates over time. During the 18th and 19th centuries, deforestation was highest in temperate zones, where population growth prompted increased agricultural expansion. Indeed, during the westward expansion of the USA during the 1800s, rates were comparable to those seen in the tropics today.Amazing couple skull poker bedding set Timber from tropical deforestation, and particularly illegal deforestation, undercuts landowners who are managing their forests sustainably. By reducing tropical deforestation, we reduce unfair competition with ecologically sound forestry. We already know we are putting too much heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the air when we burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, fuel our cars, and heat our homes—but by cutting down and burning trees, we are also releasing an astounding amount of the same heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Tropical deforestation accounts for about10 percent of the world’s global warming pollution. Several international groups produce routine estimates of tropical deforestation, most notably the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,

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