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The purposes of the project are to implement an environmental education program to teach best practices and pollution prevention to auto repair mechanics, and to create an analysis of the effectiveness of the program to generate change in business practices and to determine the value of replicating the program. The project will allow auto mechanics in the Roxbury and surrounding areas to understand relevant environmental laws, how to comply with the laws, and how to go beyond compliance and be both environmentally-friendly and economically viable. The project will reduce the exposure of children to the air toxins associated with the use of the pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides used by public housing residents by conducting in-home training on Integrated Pest Management . Amazing black panther watercolor poster IPM focuses on using safer pest elimination methods and reducing and/or eliminating the number of pesticides used in the homes as well as its relationship to asthma exacerbation. The program will offer a pesticide exchange program and replace commercial pesticides with Home Safe kits and with input from residents, create a public health campaign and the dangers of pesticide use. “Cleaner Chelsea Campaign” will educate residents about new trash collection procedures, reduce litter on the streets, and increase recycling tonnage in Chelsea. Through community and City partnerships, the Cleaner Chelsea Campaign will coordinate city-wide public outreach and education about recycling which will include home visits, distribution of recycling bins, and house meetings.

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