Periodic table of black history poster


Besides stunning athleticism and courage, he was also a true gentleman in every sense of the word.. Happy Heavenly Birthday to a true American Treasure. Thank you for all you endured. You not only changed major league baseball, you were an instrument of change that led us in a more positive direction. May we never forget what your sacrifice meant fo… See More. I can’t imagine how stressful and painful that had to be for his family and him. He had to walk the finest line and be so many different things to so many groups. Just an amazing talent and spirit.. Thank you President Obama for your tribute, may he rest in peace, Thank you to the countless others who also went through the trials and tribulations so that we can be were we are today.. When Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers (I was 10 and my brother was 12)we were upset because our favorite player (Dixie Walker,) said he would leave the team. We shared this information with our father when he came home from work. He said … See More Periodic table of black history poster

Periodic table of black history poster

Periodic table of black history poster

Happy Birthday in heaven, Mr. Robinson! You are still a hero and you were a game changer for the world!. The first professional team that hired this great player was the Montréal Royals. My late mother went to see him play with her father at the stadium (it doesn’t exist anymore) when she was young.. I always love reading your exceptional ways of paying tribute to great people like you. God bless you!. I’m a retired 3rd grade teacher, and I LOVED teaching about this wonderful man during Black History Month. I chose four amazing people to highlight each February……Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Arthur Ashe.. Also feel the need to give a special shout to Chadwick Boseman for his portrayal of Jackie. So good . I taught my 3rd graders about Jackie Robinson. His story was so relatable to them.. We appreciate his contribution in carving a niche for our fellow men in epochs Of history. Periodic table of black history poster

Limited Edition Periodic table of black history poster

Periodic table of black history posterPeriodic table of black history poster

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