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I’m an Australian living in Canada, and I have to say that the ‘lights went out’ after your second term, and ‘that’ election. I am truly and deeply gladdened to know that the America and Americans the world loves and respects are ‘back’ at the controls… See More. Seems to be a pattern of the repubs..veto anything good!. I had the honor of meeting Lilly at a speaking engagement she attended and what an amazing woman she is.. You should have gotten rid of the right to work laws too while you were at it. US is miles away in workers right laws compared to EU original members, Canada and Australia.. “A Small Step Forward” always precedes giant strides of success.. Sex discrimination is still real. Whether you’re a cashier, waitress, doctor or CEO– work is harder when you’re a woman. It doesn’t have to be this way. Thank you President Obama for for doing what is right for women and all Americans. Native blood tote bag

Native blood tote bag

Native blood tote bag

President Obama was one of the most dignified, intelligent, and principled president ever. What a difference from trump, the most corrupt, deceitful, and incompetent president ever.. Humanity, compassion, empathy…what government leaders are supposed to provide. doing stuff that actually helps the lives of hard working Americans. What a novel idea.. So many wrongs can only be set straight with lots of little rights. Congratulations for allowing this to be set right!. This is wonderful to read – articulate, literate, intelligent content and substance.. Still, women are being paid less for the same job. That’s true also for Germany. But it is very hard to get to know how much men get paid compared to you as a woman. Companies do not allow talking about wages by putting a paragraph in your contract. W… See More. You’re the best!. Thank you for sharing this story! It reminds us that it’s only been in recent years that these doors were opened for rights of women and so many others. That’s why representation matters! Thanks Lilly Ledbetter for your perseverance and strength! Thank… See More Native blood tote bag

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Native blood tote bagNative blood tote bag

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