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Yes, educate your guests about the First Amendment right to assemble.. All pseudoscience bs! We have lived by science for the last 100 years. Now they are acting like it’s newly discovered lol . You lost our respect when you said don’t wear a mask. Only safe if you Zoom. Better Zoom than a tomb.. I cannot fathom the stupidity in this country. I’ll be back trump 2024 mug It is without end.. I am one of those people sitting alone this year not that I have to cause my family are getting together but everyone who doe and doesn’t wear a mask should receive medical assistance when they caught it period you think your right so don’t expect any … See more. NOPE! Just with my husband, daughter and grandson – as we all are linked and had Covid together! Unfortunately, but thankful my son and daughter-in-law have been housebound and we need to keep it that way for safety… can’t be too safe. They will exch… See more

I’ll be back trump 2024 mug

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Hey guys, hold your finger on comments with false information, then report it. Do your part to stop the spread of coronavirus through stopping the spread of dangerous misinformation. Don’t waste your time arguing with these people. You’re not going to … See more. IAM going to visit my family it’s important to visit my son. he jumped from a overpass last year every visit with him counts to me PERIOD. So much hate. People should have a choice it’s as simple as that.. Stop caving to conservatives and tell people not to host celebrations at all.. Shouldn’t you be warning everyone about the dangers and possiblity of death or being maimed for life by the new Covid vaccine??. Unbelievable the illogic of some deniers. If one precaution isn’t taken, they don’t need to do any. Flying on a crowded plane, for example, means no need to observe any social distancing. I’ll be back trump 2024 mug

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